Can You Smoke Weed Stems, and Is It a Good Idea?

If you love to smoke weed, you may wonder sometimes if you can smoke weed stems. But it is strongly recommend you not to do that or not to wish for it.

No matter what the situation is, don’t go for it. 

Why You Should Avoid Smoking Weed Stems

If you want a simple answer, then simply smoking weed stems is bad for you and there is nothing good in it.

You will feel nothing even if you smoke a bowl full of stems, it will just give you a nasty headache. The main thing that makes you high is THC, and it almost doesn’t exist in the stem, and the valuable part of the stem comes from the crystals from the outside.

Basically, you are inhaling the plant material while you are smoking stems, rather than the cannabinoids. You will also face health problems that are associated with smoking stems because you are blazing and inhaling plant material. It is like smoking the bud. However, you will get plenty of psychoactive components and beneficial cannabinoids from the bud, but the stems have almost none. It’s similar to smoke wood chips. Though it’s not like collecting the stem is totally pointless. You can use it for other purposes but not smoking it. 

How To Use It

If you are looking for cannabis, you should look for resinous crystals on it. This means you have a potent bud. If you find the crystals on the stems remove the crystals from the stems that  help you get the most out of the herb. Depending on the stem you can shake the stem or extract them.

Side Effects

By smoking weed stem you will have the unpleasant effects of it and risk your lungs only to have the negligible amount of THC in there. It doesn’t worth it..

You will harm your lungs by smoking stem. Toxins and carcinogens which are cancer-causing agents,  released from the stems. Obviously it damages your lungs and increases the possibility of cancer and heart and lung diseases.

Primarily you will notice the following side effects from smoking weed stems.

  • You will feel a raging headache.
  • You will feel pain, scratchiness, or irritation in your throat
  • Coughing will be a regular thing for you.

Also, it will make you feel that you’re smoking wood chips.

You can check on Reddit and other cannabis forums where you can find people;e admitting having smoked weed stems and they reported uncomfortable gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea and abdominal pain.

Wrapping Up: 

Smoking weed stems will not help you other than giving you a raging headache. This will destroy the substances in the weed and reduce the flavor which is completely a loss project. However, you have some other options to use these leftovers for. You can make varieties of things from butter to tea to alcohol. You can make them a valuable element for arts and crafts, such as baskets or skewers for your barbecue. 

You can use your stems in the right way but it will depend on what you want to accomplish. Like you can make weed stem tea which is great if you want to relax for a while.

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