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Can You Smoke Weed Stems, and Is It a Good Idea?




If you love to smoke weed, you may wonder sometimes if you can smoke weed stems. But it is strongly recommend you not to do that or not to wish for it.

No matter what the situation is, don’t go for it. 

Why You Should Avoid Smoking Weed Stems

If you want a simple answer, then simply smoking weed stems is bad for you and there is nothing good in it.

You will feel nothing even if you smoke a bowl full of stems, it will just give you a nasty headache. The main thing that makes you high is THC, and it almost doesn’t exist in the stem, and the valuable part of the stem comes from the crystals from the outside.

Basically, you are inhaling the plant material while you are smoking stems, rather than the cannabinoids. You will also face health problems that are associated with smoking stems because you are blazing and inhaling plant material. It is like smoking the bud. However, you will get plenty of psychoactive components and beneficial cannabinoids from the bud, but the stems have almost none. It’s similar to smoke wood chips. Though it’s not like collecting the stem is totally pointless. You can use it for other purposes but not smoking it. 

How To Use It

If you are looking for cannabis, you should look for resinous crystals on it. This means you have a potent bud. If you find the crystals on the stems remove the crystals from the stems that  help you get the most out of the herb. Depending on the stem you can shake the stem or extract them.

Side Effects

By smoking weed stem you will have the unpleasant effects of it and risk your lungs only to have the negligible amount of THC in there. It doesn’t worth it..

You will harm your lungs by smoking stem. Toxins and carcinogens which are cancer-causing agents,  released from the stems. Obviously it damages your lungs and increases the possibility of cancer and heart and lung diseases.

Primarily you will notice the following side effects from smoking weed stems.

  • You will feel a raging headache.
  • You will feel pain, scratchiness, or irritation in your throat
  • Coughing will be a regular thing for you.

Also, it will make you feel that you’re smoking wood chips.

You can check on Reddit and other cannabis forums where you can find people;e admitting having smoked weed stems and they reported uncomfortable gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea and abdominal pain.

Wrapping Up: 

Smoking weed stems will not help you other than giving you a raging headache. This will destroy the substances in the weed and reduce the flavor which is completely a loss project. However, you have some other options to use these leftovers for. You can make varieties of things from butter to tea to alcohol. You can make them a valuable element for arts and crafts, such as baskets or skewers for your barbecue. 

You can use your stems in the right way but it will depend on what you want to accomplish. Like you can make weed stem tea which is great if you want to relax for a while.

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List of the Best Things to Do When Getting High with Friends




What is your ideal best aspect do with your mates or to get large? If your reply is, “Calm back, do nothing,” I feel totally to you, as it’s so able to relate. 

Even still, by having other options to relax oneself, you just have to smash the rule. For that cause, we will build a list of stuff for adults to get off will do with friends.


Go to your main supermarket/ Costco/ dollar store, or by any refused, use, so all food bags on sale as often ways as you do so. These stores also have outfit parts, so make a real task of play costume, but you get a feed at the same point or great Halloween concepts! So everyone wins.

Play a Board/Card Game

As we become aged, it is easier to guess about items of infancy as exciting rides. Card games are an ideal method, even when drunk, to revive the mood. 

There’s Power, there will be Life, but Sad is the most of it. Hanging out with friends is the Ideal task. There are so many resources for deceit. 

Hang the Homies with Sorry Cards at any time and read their faces melt. For online slots like Uno, the same holds. Even the high rises will pop with a Pick 4 game.

Hit a Cannabis Showcase/Event

When I was in Denver, I go to a weed case with a homie, so it ended out to be a fun trip. And you’re in a head shop, google to try a local “social club” or show how you and a family can visit and burn your ears.

Stand-up Comedy

There is someone more fun or sad than you, able to get on stage or try to make you crazy, that you’re over to a stage show or on a YouTube outburst. If you’re feeling a little frantic, try Ross Noble or Jim Burke for that rude fun.


You can’t merely hit the freezer; force yourself or others to perform. Choose three spice mixes and play out of your own home ‘Sliced’ or find the nearby one you can safely eat but get the best of your pocket. Use the LEVO Oil Infuser for a cocaine drink.

Voice dub

It’s about to stop the TV or let your games took the path like you want them to give. It’s all fine to be with few mates or be your own hero, or just shout witticisms at the set.

Curiosity Stream

If you are the kind of user, who enjoys playing films with joy? It’s about you now! It will leave you busy for hours at a time, able to attempt for 30 days, and a fixed cost afterward.

Egg art

All you need in need to be get off is a Crayon or a quart of eggs. To ensure you get the eggsact egg essentials you like, yeah, as many lousy egg jokes since you can get. Yeah, I love it. It’s crazy. You can also say it’s boring. Doodling on eggs is it’s okay, so give it a whirl!

Cuddle puddle

Cuddle mud is the best way for comics to get a plutonic physical presence—the early stages of projects, kind of like spa trains. 

So one pal, though resting their shoulders, will lie behind. The guy who gets the treat is going to lie behind one, holding his shoulders. And etc., and so forth. For everybody, physical contact is essential. 

It has shown that kissing helps ease depression, improve relationship interaction, or even decrease severe pain. Cuddle puddles are the best aspects to do with mates while high. Truly, kissing is so vital that you can pay a qualified cuddler still. 

But why charge for anything your mates can give free of cost to each other?

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Can You Still Smoke Weed if it Gets Wet?




We’re just human beings. Errors are occurring. Someone who also smokes inevitably drops their weeds mistakenly throws them out, or even pours a drink all over their stock.

That experience of “the weed got wet” isn’t a pleasant one. If you’re studying this right now for that very purpose, you’re essentially thinking a few queries.

Will you even smoke the cannabis as it gets wet? What’s going to do when marijuana gets wet? So what is the easiest way to dry wet cannabis? Luckily for you, we recognize a few ways to dry this out quickly.

Such techniques won’t succeed each moment, but it’s profitable a try.

Problem with Wet Weed

You may be inclined just to overlook the reality that your marijuana is wet-we recommend you don’t do that. First off, damp weeds can grow mold over a period.

Moldy cannabis is harmful to your wellbeing, so you can do whatever you can to keep it from growing.

In comparison, wet weed is nearly challenging to grind; even though it was already ground until it got wet, it’s tough to ignite.

Eventually, even though you try to get it to burn anyway, it’s going to taste bad. Damp, acrid weeds with abundant water vapor dampness is a naughty activity. Trust us, man.

Here are three unique incidents that, sadly, cause smoking your bud dangerous.

Irrespective of if you dry it out properly, cannabis is no longer secure to smoke if this is passed into a washing machine or dumped into a lake or ocean.

Cannabis tainted with sea salt or contaminants such as chlorine and detergent is not safe to consume.

How to Dry Your Wet Weed?

Here are some things you can do to help ease when you are trying to wet the Weed.

Paper Method

If you’re curious about how to dry wet weeds, there are two key ways: the paper process and the rice method. The paper form is the best way to dry cannabis. Only implement the steps:

  • Cut the nugs into tiny parts
  • Roll your soaked Weed securely in warm paper towels.
  • Put your cannabis in a dry, darkened position.
  • Switch on your nearest fan or dehumidifier (not essential, but treats stop mold)
  • Adjust the paper after several hours till the Weed is dry.

The drawback of this strategy is a higher mold potential. Since it’s going to be in daily touch with the paper that absorbs water, there’s a risk that moisture will build-up, and the mold will develop. When you select a paper method, remember to keep a lookout for this.

Rice Method

That approach takes a bit more time, but in the end, mold is even less likely to spread. The rice system works with wet electronics in the same manner as wet electronics. Take the following stages:

  • Put your marijuana in a rice bag
  • Place your discovered rice container in a dry, dark place.
  • Switch on your nearest fan or dehumidifier 
  • Try to Leave the Weed in rice for a maximum of one day
  • Whether there is some remaining damp, break down your weed nugs and start using the paper process.

This approach’s main drawback is that your bud is expected to have a leftover flower of rice and a slight scent of rice (though, that is part of what performs it runs entirely).

What Not to Do?

If you’re thinking about how to dry the cannabis as quickly as appropriate, review one of the two techniques listed above. Some faster approaches would not be nearly as useful.

Blow drying, placing it in the Sunlight, and microwaving weeds, in particular, would all lower the consistency of your Weed and making it even harder to smoke.

Also, keeping it open with a fan can result in a reduced smoking environment. And remember that temperature, light, and moisture both increase the probability of mold formation.

Instead, take your time, use one of the two methods above, and dry your wet bud in a dark, dry, well-ventilated area.

Like we said earlier, it’s very unhealthy to inhale mold. We understand it’s tragic, but you’re better off tossing away moldy cannabis than smoking and becoming severely ill.

More, the moldy herb is going to taste downright awful. Check the marijuana for mold before and after you dry it. Even so, the mold is shaped as a powdery white layer on the ground of the Nugs.

Black spots or yellow/gray fuzz, combined with slime and sickly smell, can also occur where they should not be. If your marijuana has been damp and you can see some of these signs, chuck it out.

How to Avoid Getting Your Weed Wet

Right pot storage would mean that marijuana is less likely to get damp and more likely to remain in a decent position. Secure handling would also avoid damp from triggering turnover in the mold.

A reaction to does cannabis go down” is a clear majority, yes. Weak processing will lead to bad weeds. Follow these tips to make sure the marijuana remains smoky and accident-proof.

  • We are using airtight jars to store weeds in dry, dark areas safely.
  • Just take out how much marijuana you’re likely to smoke at any given moment
  • If you need to fly with marijuana, hold it in a lightweight, airtight jar.
  • Take your marijuana away from the beaches and never put it in the pockets of your swimsuits.
  • Stay careful with your marijuana and regard it as worth it.

Final words

These storing and dry techniques are tried and tested, but we also know that the weed culture is a relatively crafty team.

Share your information tricks for drying and processing weeds safely above. We’re still looking for new ways to keep our cannabis healthy and smokeable.

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Legal Marijuana Stocks and Symbols to Invest In




Have you ever wanted to invest in the stock market and put your money to work in companies that you already know and love? If so, you may have even looking into some of the most common and popular stock ticker symbols for companies you are already familiar with.

This is happening all the time in the world of cannabis and marijuana, and hundreds of companies are now getting listed on the stock market.

List of Top Cannabis and Marijuana Stock Tickers

In order to search out and find the best stock symbols and companies trading on the stock market, you need to know what to look for.

Thanks to the information over at BarChart, we’ve listed some of the most searched for CBD and Weed companies that you can look up or invest in.

However, we DO NOT recommend any of the stocks or investments on this page. All due diligence will need to be done on your end.

Symbol NameLastChange%Chg5D %ChgHighLowVolumeTimeLinks
 ABBVAbbvie Inc104.04-0.54-0.52%+1.82%106.38104.047,622,80012/01/20
 ACBAurora Cannabis Inc9.75-1.93-16.52%+35.79%12.129.6477,839,90612/01/20
 ARNAArena Pharmaceuticals66.11+0.24+0.36%+2.21%66.9864.27680,50012/01/20
 BLOZFCannabix Technologies Inc0.6587-0.1574-19.29%+50.25%0.83000.60001,759,30012/01/20
 CANNGeneral Cannabis Corp0.5720-0.1330-18.87%+31.10%0.72000.53001,183,00012/01/20
 CARACara Therapeutics14.69+0.02+0.14%-2.00%14.9314.63513,20012/01/20
 CGCCanopy Growth Corp26.65-2.15-7.47%+7.81%29.2426.566,588,10012/01/20
 CRBPCorbus Pharma1.4500+0.2300+18.85%+18.85%1.60001.330026,025,50012/01/20
 CRONCronos Group Inc8.32-0.53-5.99%+13.35%9.158.247,554,90012/01/20
 CVSICv Sciences Inc0.6063-0.0237-3.76%+34.73%0.62400.56002,250,50012/01/20
 DIGPDigipath0.0180-0.0001-0.55%-5.76%0.02010.0180293,60015:58 ET
 GRNHGreengro Tech0.0060+0.0013+27.66%+76.47%0.00770.004525,798,50012/01/20
 GRWCGrow Capital Inc0.9250-0.1550-14.35%-7.50%1.25000.91254,80012/01/20
 GWPHGw Pharma ADR137.24-2.84-2.03%+9.41%144.00136.34479,70012/01/20
 IIPRInnovative Industrial Properties154.23+0.57+0.37%+0.21%154.94151.00691,90012/01/20
 KAYSKaya Holdings Inc0.0310-0.0008-2.52%+8.39%0.03200.0300186,20012/01/20
 KSHBKush Bottles Inc0.8175-0.0325-3.82%+13.94%0.91000.80101,600,50012/01/20
 MCIGMcig Inc0.0279+0.0029+11.60%+11.16%0.02860.02452,009,50007/08/20
 MJNAMedical Marijuana I0.0200-0.0009-4.31%+19.76%0.02200.018926,380,69912/01/20
 MOAltria Group40.49+0.66+1.66%+0.72%40.8840.0110,719,70012/01/20
 MSRTMassroots Inc0.0034unchunch+6.25%0.00390.00292,536,60012/01/20
 POTNPotnetwork Holdings Inc0.0080+0.0015+23.08%+45.45%0.00800.00413,279,10012/01/20
 SMGScotts Miracle-Gro Company176.20+0.43+0.24%+3.35%178.00174.53323,00012/01/20
 TGODFGreen Organic Dutchman0.2534-0.0066-2.54%+29.95%0.26750.24841,210,10012/01/20
 TLRYTilray Inc8.07-0.97-10.73%+20.81%9.118.0328,108,80112/01/20
 TRTCTerra Tech Corp0.1510-0.0100-6.21%+64.13%0.19500.13056,607,80012/01/20
 TURVTwo Rivers Water CO0.0573-0.0106-15.61%-17.44%0.06790.0570284,00012/01/20
 YOLOAdvisorshares Pure Cannabis ETF16.39-0.55-3.25%+11.50%17.2116.25383,60012/01/20
 ZYNEZynerba Pharma CS4.47-0.17-3.66%+7.45%4.794.39671,20012/01/20

As you can imagine, the amount of companies listed on the stock market that are relevant to weed, marijuana and hemp are growing all the time. Be sure to use this information to find the correct stock symbols to match up with the right company.

However, also consider that this article was last updated in December 2020, so some information and financial may have changed.

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