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CBD vs. THC – What You Need to Know



CBD and THC are very important notions in the marijuana world. But the problem is that a lot of people don’t know which is the best option for them. Plus, you really have to figure out the right options as you assess the situation.

With that in mind, here are some of the things that you need to take into consideration.


Also known as cannabidiol, this is one of the first cannabinoids out there. It’s important to note that CBD does not induce that sense of high you get with regular cannabis consumption. That’s why a lot of people prefer CBD for medicinal use.

What can CBD be used for? That depends on a variety of factors. But most of the time it will be suitable for seizures, anxiety, depression, migraines, nausea, inflammatory bowel disease as well as psychosis or mental disorders. It’s also suitable for pain and dealing with other types of inflammation as well.

Despite these benefits, CBD is illegal and it has almost no side effects. It can be seen on the drug test and it does offer pain, nausea and migraine or anxiety relief. One thing to note is that CBD does not increase your appetite, which makes it safe even for people that don’t want to gain weight. It does decrease seizures and it’s anti-inflammatory.


THC is also named tetrahydrocannabinoil. It’s basically the chemical behind that sense of euphoria you get from cannabis. So yes, THC will cause that high that you heard about or even experienced. It’s definitely important to note that THC can be used for dealing with pain, muscle spasticity, glaucoma, insomnia, low appetite, nausea and anxiety.

THC can indeed help you deal with some of the day to day issues. But that doesn’t mean it’s the perfect solution. Unlike CBD, it doesn’t provide extraordinary medical benefits. Yet as you can see above it does bring in front some pretty interesting features and that’s one of the most important factors that you need to take into consideration here.

Since THC is responsible for the high you know or see in other people, it’s also illegal. It does have psychoactive side effects that you need to avoid. It does increase your appetite, which does seem a bit strange at first. But it does seem to be one of the side effects that come from THC, so try to keep that in mind. However, THC does not help with seizures, so you might want to check that out!

THC vs CBD: Three things you need to know

As the debate to legalize marijuana is increasingly heating up, the consumers are growing curious to know the difference between CBD and THC. These two key marijuana compounds have very different effects and uses. 

Both CBD and THC are cannabinoids – the active substances in the cannabis – but they have very specific uses particularly in the medical sphere. With the wave of marijuana legalization moving ahead slowly, the interest in products derived from compounds CBD and THC is growing. There are significant differences between the two and three of the most striking ones are listed below.

Psychoactive components

Both CBD and THC have similar chemical composition but they have entirely different psychoactive effect. In fact, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound and it does not induce high whereas THC does. 

THC being psychoactive component of marijuana induces sleep and drowsiness whereas CBD boost energy and keeps you up. THC is responsible for the most of the stereotypical effects people associate with marijuana 

Reacting together, CBD helps to reduce some negative effects of THC by decreasing anxiety, short terms memory impairment which often experience after cannabis consumption.

Medical benefits

CBD and THC are effectively used for different medical conditions. CBD being free of euphoric effects is used to treat different medical conditions, most notably epilepsy.  

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved first prescription drug based on CBD – Epidiolex – to treat rare and complex forms of epilepsy.

CBD is widely recognized to have medical applications; however, a number of studies have shown that THC can be used to treat neurodegenerative disorders, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. The research also shows that THC can also relieve pain and ease multiple sclerosis.

To date, the FDA has approved two drugs with THC and a synthetic cannabinoid similar to THC. 

Dronabinol is used to treat nausea caused by cancer chemotherapy and it also proved effective to address issues of weight loss and poor appetite in patients with AIDS.   Nabilone is based on synthetic version of THC and is also approved for nausea caused by cancer chemotherapy. 

Few studies show preliminary evidence that THC is effectively provide a relief to people suffering from Asthma.  It is believed that being anti-inflammatory substance cannabis can help expand the lungs instead of contracting them.  

Drug Tests

Like other cannabinoids, CBD and THC are stored in body’s fat. They can show up in days or even weeks after their consumption. Not every test is able to detect the CBD but specifically designed tests can detect CBD. Therefore, a screening can detect the use of marijuana.

The effect of marijuana use stays fairly long inside your body and is detectable in your bodily fluids from 1 to 30 days after the last use.

The cannabis detection in your body is usage specific; it means for heavy users who consume cannabis daily, it may detectable for several months. The longest detection period is more than three months.

As cannabis can produce some THC, you may be positive for THC in addition to CBD, even when you have non used THC.

CBD vs. THC Summary

In conclusion, both CBD and THC offer their pros and cons. For a lot of people CBD is better because it offers great medical benefits. And the best part is that you can also stay away from the widely known high that comes with THC. Other than that, both of these are pretty similar.

They both appear on drug tests, they can offer pain release, nausea reduction and they can help with migraines. That alone makes them very useful if you want to use cannabis for medical purposes!

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What Strains of Weed have the Highest THC Levels?



Might well you like its Herald? Yeah, not whether anyone will do it, you’ve seen it. There is just no most comfortable weed list from the shot. 

In the RQS set, it’s these most active strain by type—none like imperial gloriousness. Casual farmers can love our super-high feminized or skunk crops. 

So we’ve got our latest CBD-rich strain for the CBD supplier, which also has excellent THC rates to suit.

THC is the main weed principle that has kept the drug big, safe, or famous. THC partially drives the impact of the ‘rising’ plant.


The strain takes Levels of TCH into new frontiers, with some alleles exceed 30 percent +, is Royal Gorilla. 

This intense strain’s full version is the product of sheer luck than just diligent farming, but I genuinely think the result is high in Kong. 

The incidental fusion of the DNA of Chem’s Sis, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Fuel has created much more audio-based weed cryptids than standard system types. 

There were old drunks jellified inside dabs. The Royal Gorilla attacks the mind and spirit in equal parts, bringing a wave of delight or pleasure from top to toe, like the best species.


With the crisp new pot celebrity Gelato, every Girl Scout Cookies have hooked up. The output of this combining was realized in Cookies Gelato by forming dank armies in heroic form. 

She’s as good as you would see, packed a force with up to 28 percent THC, bringing an abrupt high that hits from its side view. 

For new users, veteran addicts enjoy the mental, even spiritual buzz that comes with a lovely gentle hand, and not a cigar. 

Fizzy candy makes it tough to set the twist-off, an essential scent of Cookies strains, and now her vast efficacy holds you on the track.


In the ultra-green Gelato by Royal Queen Peas, two top Cali strains come off. Thin Mint Cookies or Sunset Sherbet fuse to make a rich or tasty sweet line, possibly two of the finest from the rich cookie line. 

This strongly Indica-dominant form is also labeled as “Larry Bird” and gives up to 27% THC. Green Gelato, a vast plant, fills your head with rays of imagination or pure life as your body changes capital from pure sleep into jelly. 

Green Gelato is a fast grower that answers well in about eight weeks to plant practice or races by reproduction.

Strawberry Banana 

This Indica strong hybrid (70 percent) is a pass in between Banana Kush or Strawberry Bubblegum of Capper yet was formed at Major Seeds by other whacky great artists. 

It is a keystone of the ‘Largest Strains on Earth’ High Times list, picked three consecutive years. On at least one strain trait (a sample bred by Greenwolf LA & Green Country Revolt), the producers isolated high THC rates of 31.62 %.


RQS thoroughly fused two of Disco Hall’s more CBD-rich alleles to show you Party World by using a strict strategic farming system. 

The ideal 1:1 THC: this perfect test also meets the CBD level. Till you vape or scorch the full item, these Indica traits are not visible. 

This hidden Indica yields thick 12% THC nugs of similar CBD data. An upbeat, libido result driven by Pop World. Not that, though over the seedling stage, this tiny seed scurries to offer modestly good yields from little plants under 1 m.


RQS’s great twist on a specific Indica style is Fat Banana Manual. As you should infer, by staring at her profile, her exotic taste is one of the tension peaks. 

For an opulent ride, she mixes lips soft fruit notes with traces of citrus. A 22 percent THC concentration places the strain high on the list of the strongest auto flowers. 

She has a butt power that will get you blotto in no author primary as an Indica (70 percent). Very lovely, or ideal for chill with tunes or a DVD on the bed.

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How to Choose the Right Cannabutter Machine for Your Needs?



If you want to feel the effect of cannabis but don’t want to vape or smoke, there are other ways to have it. You can eat brownies, gummy bears, candies and can try many other consumption methods. But the cannabutter machines can help you more.

Many of us don’t find the perfect sort of candy or pastry with the desired dosage of cannabis. Especially people face this problem when they have a special diet. This is why so many people prefer to make their own sweets and candies with this herb at home. You may think this difficult but actually it is very easy.

So if you want to make your own sweet with cannabis, you have to make a cannabutter first. You can make it with pots and pans, but everyone preferred buying a machine specially designed for this. In a very short time with the use of a few buttons, you can make a special cannabutter.

Here I will tell you about the best cannabutter machine you can get and make you understand how to choose the right cannabutter machine for your needs.

So go through the article to know how to choose the right one for you. 

The “Magical Butter” Machine

This is a perfect machine for cannabutter, and if you are planning to buy a cannabutter machine, this one will be great. 

So what you get in this machine? It consists of a blender, a digital thermostat, and a heating unit. This is a fully automatic machine made with stainless steel. You can make 2-5 cups per cycle. Also, it has a self-cleaning method. 

A perfect design for you as well as you can place it in your kitchen with the other household. You can make cannabutter, oils, lotions, grain alcohols, and many other things simply by using this machine.

Things I Love About Magical Butter :

  • Both Heats and Blend: You know, both the processes heating and blending assist in more complete extraction. So the ability to do both things is a Plus Point.
  • Durable: It is very long-lasting.I also use the same for me for many years, and I use it frequently but still, it gives a good performance.
  • Breaking Up The Products Perfectly:  It has a smaller particle that gives more surface area. This leads to better extraction. It breaks up the products while it’s in the oil.  So there are no chances of losing trichomes to your grinder.
  • Affordable: Though it is not as cheap as a crockpot, it is definitely a cheap and affordable than the other options you get.

So this will be the best and standard option for you to buy a  cannabutter machine. Still, if you think this one is not affordable or you want to try some others, you can compare with its features and choose the right one for your need.  

Wrapping Up

If want to make your own edibles in a user-friendly way, the Magical Butter Machine is the solution for you. There are also some other good machines you get in the market, but this one will be the most helpful. It’s true that every gadget has its pros and cons, so it depends on your preferences that which one is the best machine for your lifestyle.

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Which is Better? CBD or THC



When comparing the benefits and differences between CBD and THC, it’s important to first consider why you might be interested in each.

CBD is more for body inflammation and is available without the THC component, and is also sold in many retail locations.

THC on the otherhand is potentially an illegal drug in some states.

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