Dabwoods Carts: Is this a Street Brand Cartridge to Avoid?

Dabwood becomes popular for nothing but its appealing packaging which looks like Blackwoods brand. The THC oil used in it is not lab tested. Also, it can contain pesticides.

There are many young adults and teens who are dying or ending their life for using this. Now it is found in the black market and produced illegally. 

Dabwoods Carts is a Street Brand

The difference between Dabwoods and most of the other prefilled THC cartridges for sale on the Black Market is that Dabwwods has packages with their brand on it for sale. They show their location in Los Angeles on their Instagram page. It looks like Dankwoods is the actual creators and they branched off into prefilled THC oil carts with Dabwoods.  

So basically Dabwoods is a prefilled distillate oil cartridge. They claim high THC content but they don’t provide any proof. Also, you cannot find any official website for Dabwoods carts. Their professional photographs on their Instagram might mislead you. So, don’t be fooled by seeing their nice packaging and photographs. They can be a good brand because the idea is brilliant. But they have to go through the proper channels of lab testing their THC oil. Remember a thing that only legitimate prefilled THC cartridges will provide you their cannabis oil lab test results.

However, the lab test results should be verifiable from a reputable lab only because, there are many black market carts trying to show people fake lab test results. If you have a doubt, you can contact the lab and they will verify if its real or fake. 

Another thing is its packaging. For carts in the black market, the Dabwoods packaging is some of the nicest so far. But the interesting thing is the empty cartridges and packages can be purchased online. This means that there is no guarantee of any consistency with flavor and potency from Dabwoods.

Short Review Of Dabwoods

If you want to buy the empty vape cartridges at a cheap price and packaging with the Dabwoods branding on it you can go for it only if you can find the actual product of them. 

It’s not that bad and also not a great THC cartridge because there is no proof of it being clean from pesticides. As well as I don’t believe you will get the THC content accurate on Dabwoods. But it’s good for a cheap price. 

There are many people who use this type of cheap carts, have reported having headaches for using those. The cannabis oil they use in it is much thicker than others like Mario Carts or Exotic Carts. A positive side is it has some good vaping performance that is better than the other black-market carts.


  • It has a smooth taste
  • The hardware is good


  • The oil is not so good and strong
  • They don’t have any lab test results. 

Dabwoods Carts Summary

I will not recommend vaping Dabwoods cartridges as they don’t have any lab test results. Also, it is not  produced by one person so that the consistency of flavor and potency will not remain the same. The more shocking thing is the thickness of their cannabis oil. The bubble barely moved When it is flipped the bubbles barely moved. 

Many people think of using it is a way to save money. But in the long run, they end up costing a whole lot more for the side effects of pesticides. That is why I will not prefer or recommend Dabwood carts until they can provide a valid lab test result of their product. 

A final suggestion for all of you, Don’t run for saving a little bit of money by sacrificing your health. 

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