7 Different Ways to Smoke, Eat and Take Marijuana

As people start getting the benefit of consuming marijuana, the community is getting bigger day by day. The demand is increasing and people have come up with different techniques to consume marijuana. Some users want to extend the effect and some want to get the effect fast with becoming less high. 

Today we will help you to discover the basic all ways to consume marijuana to have both recreational and holistic experience. 


Inhaling smoke means smocking marijuana. Smoking cannabis flowers or extracts are the most common ways to consume weed. Here the cannabinoid is delivered to the bloodstream through the lung. 

Popular methods of Smoking Marijuana:

Joint: All you need to do is roll the Joints with dried and cured cannabis flowers and smoke it.

Pipe: Don’t want to take the trouble of rolling paper? Go to any head shop and find pipes as you like to smoke weed.

Bong: It’s not portable like pipes, but a cool way to get stoned. It offers refreshing and clean hits because before entering the lungs, it passes through water.

Gravity Bong: Gravity bongs are the best way reserved for smokers. It hits harder when you smoke and rich quantities of cannabinoids enter into the lungs.


It is a modern technique of cannabis consumption. This is actually a gadget to smoke marijuana. But likely to the way of smoking, the key concept remains is to make less heat than smoking. 

Popular Ways of Vaping 

Desktop Vaporizer: These are large and bulky in shape, and capable of altering the consciousness of everyone in the room. 

Vape Pens: These are pocket-sized pens and work with both dried flowers and a range of concentrates. It is helpful for cannabis lovers who travel a lot.

Cartridges: One of the easiest ways. You don’t need to grind or process. Just fill cartridges and take the feeling. 


This is a process that involves concentrated doses of cannabis that are made by extracting THC and other cannabinoids by using butane or carbon dioxide as a solvent. It results in sticky oils. This preparation contains much higher levels of cannabinoids. That’s why the effects are much more powerful. 

Popular Ways of Dabbing 

Butane Hash Oil: Here the concentrate is created by extracting cannabinoids by the use of butane as a solvent.

Crystals: This is the most concentrated form of cannabinoids available. Its potency is around 99%. So careful before using crystal


It is a completely different way compared to the previous methods. Basically these are food items that contain cannabis. Let me tell you about some popular edible cannabis 

Edible Cannabis: Popular Methods

  • Cannabutter: One of my favorites. Here the concentrate binds cannabinoids to butter, coconut oil, or another suitable cooking oil. In any recipe, you can replace the oil with this butter oil and get high.
  • Bhang: It is a combination of milk, spices, and cannabis. Very simple to make.
  • Pills and Softgels: Just with a swig of water you can get high that will last many hours.
  • Chewing Gum: This is cannabis-infused chewing gum. Get stoned instantly without any added calories.


This is the process where you can apply cannabis to the outside of the body. You can use it as Lotions, Creams, and Balms.  These will give you some soothing effects.


It is the way where you use cannabis products under the tongue and holding them until they dissolve. This becomes one of the popular ways of consuming marijuana. 

Some Popular Methods

  • Cannabis Oil and CBD Oil: This is actually not for getting high. It has many health benefits. 
  • Oral Spray: A very quick and easy way

Experiment Some New Methods

I have already mentioned almost all the possible ways to consume our beloved herb.  But there can be always something new. So experiment on your own to consume weed. Who knows, you might find a new way to enjoy weed.

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