Legal Marijuana Stocks and Symbols to Invest In

Have you ever wanted to invest in the stock market and put your money to work in companies that you already know and love? If so, you may have even looking into some of the most common and popular stock ticker symbols for companies you are already familiar with.

This is happening all the time in the world of cannabis and marijuana, and hundreds of companies are now getting listed on the stock market.

List of Top Cannabis and Marijuana Stock Tickers

In order to search out and find the best stock symbols and companies trading on the stock market, you need to know what to look for.

Thanks to the information over at BarChart, we’ve listed some of the most searched for CBD and Weed companies that you can look up or invest in.

However, we DO NOT recommend any of the stocks or investments on this page. All due diligence will need to be done on your end.

Symbol NameLastChange%Chg5D %ChgHighLowVolumeTimeLinks
 ABBVAbbvie Inc104.04-0.54-0.52%+1.82%106.38104.047,622,80012/01/20
 ACBAurora Cannabis Inc9.75-1.93-16.52%+35.79%12.129.6477,839,90612/01/20
 ARNAArena Pharmaceuticals66.11+0.24+0.36%+2.21%66.9864.27680,50012/01/20
 BLOZFCannabix Technologies Inc0.6587-0.1574-19.29%+50.25%0.83000.60001,759,30012/01/20
 CANNGeneral Cannabis Corp0.5720-0.1330-18.87%+31.10%0.72000.53001,183,00012/01/20
 CARACara Therapeutics14.69+0.02+0.14%-2.00%14.9314.63513,20012/01/20
 CGCCanopy Growth Corp26.65-2.15-7.47%+7.81%29.2426.566,588,10012/01/20
 CRBPCorbus Pharma1.4500+0.2300+18.85%+18.85%1.60001.330026,025,50012/01/20
 CRONCronos Group Inc8.32-0.53-5.99%+13.35%9.158.247,554,90012/01/20
 CVSICv Sciences Inc0.6063-0.0237-3.76%+34.73%0.62400.56002,250,50012/01/20
 DIGPDigipath0.0180-0.0001-0.55%-5.76%0.02010.0180293,60015:58 ET
 GRNHGreengro Tech0.0060+0.0013+27.66%+76.47%0.00770.004525,798,50012/01/20
 GRWCGrow Capital Inc0.9250-0.1550-14.35%-7.50%1.25000.91254,80012/01/20
 GWPHGw Pharma ADR137.24-2.84-2.03%+9.41%144.00136.34479,70012/01/20
 IIPRInnovative Industrial Properties154.23+0.57+0.37%+0.21%154.94151.00691,90012/01/20
 KAYSKaya Holdings Inc0.0310-0.0008-2.52%+8.39%0.03200.0300186,20012/01/20
 KSHBKush Bottles Inc0.8175-0.0325-3.82%+13.94%0.91000.80101,600,50012/01/20
 MCIGMcig Inc0.0279+0.0029+11.60%+11.16%0.02860.02452,009,50007/08/20
 MJNAMedical Marijuana I0.0200-0.0009-4.31%+19.76%0.02200.018926,380,69912/01/20
 MOAltria Group40.49+0.66+1.66%+0.72%40.8840.0110,719,70012/01/20
 MSRTMassroots Inc0.0034unchunch+6.25%0.00390.00292,536,60012/01/20
 POTNPotnetwork Holdings Inc0.0080+0.0015+23.08%+45.45%0.00800.00413,279,10012/01/20
 SMGScotts Miracle-Gro Company176.20+0.43+0.24%+3.35%178.00174.53323,00012/01/20
 TGODFGreen Organic Dutchman0.2534-0.0066-2.54%+29.95%0.26750.24841,210,10012/01/20
 TLRYTilray Inc8.07-0.97-10.73%+20.81%9.118.0328,108,80112/01/20
 TRTCTerra Tech Corp0.1510-0.0100-6.21%+64.13%0.19500.13056,607,80012/01/20
 TURVTwo Rivers Water CO0.0573-0.0106-15.61%-17.44%0.06790.0570284,00012/01/20
 YOLOAdvisorshares Pure Cannabis ETF16.39-0.55-3.25%+11.50%17.2116.25383,60012/01/20
 ZYNEZynerba Pharma CS4.47-0.17-3.66%+7.45%4.794.39671,20012/01/20

As you can imagine, the amount of companies listed on the stock market that are relevant to weed, marijuana and hemp are growing all the time. Be sure to use this information to find the correct stock symbols to match up with the right company.

However, also consider that this article was last updated in December 2020, so some information and financial may have changed.

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