What USA States Will Likely Legalize Marijuana Next

Things have changed a lot this year due to  the pandemic situation of COVID 19. That’s why qualifying ballot initiatives became more challenging. But finally, it’s going to happen. 

Four more states are seeking to legalize marijuana for recreation purposes through ballot measures this Election Day.

The four states are Arizona, South Dakota, Montana, and New Jersey. The voters here will consider proposals to legalize recreational marijuana. There is another red state, Mississippi. They are weighing a pair of ballot questions to make medical marijuana legal in their state. 

There are now 11 states in the U.S that have legalized full adult marijuana use. Two of them did it by ballot initiative. This thing arise the question directly to voters.

Polls are showing ballots initiatives that have support in Arizona, Montana, and New Jersey.

Polling Strong in Arizona

By Arizona’s Proposition 207, it would allow adults those who are 21 years and older to possess, can consume, and transfer up to one ounce of marijuana, as well as can create a regulatory system to cultivate and sell marijuana.

Before this in 2016, almost a similar proposition has failed by less than three points, but this time it founds majority support. 

For a very long time, the medical use of marijuana has been legal in Arizona. However, it still remains the only state in the U.S where a small possession of weed is considered a crime.

If this time Arizona can do it, maybe in near future the whole country can.

South Dakota 

South Dakota has two measures on the ballot, one is Measure 26 and another is Amendment A. 

In Measure 26, they want to establish a medical cannabis program and registration system only for people who have qualifying conditions.

And the other measures Amendment A, offers to legalize marijuana for all adults, and state legislators will be required to adopt medical cannabis and hemp laws.

Currently, South Dakota has strict penalties if someone possesses small amounts of marijuana.

Let’s see what happens next after the vote.


This state has two initiatives regarding the legalization of marijuana: The first one is Initiative 90 which allows adults to possess, buy, and use recreational marijuana  and for that, they have to give a 20% tax on it. It also allows people who are serving a sentence for the cannabis-related act, they can apply for resentencing or for clearing records.

The other one is Initiative 118, which offers to amend the state’s constitution and establish the age of 21 as the legal age for purchasing, consuming, and possessing marijuana.

According to the Montana State University poll taken in late September, almost 49% of active voters support legalization while 39% oppose it

New Jersey 

The initiative of New Jersey doesn’t specify regulations beyond tax limits. So if the measure passes, the Cannabis Regulatory Commission will work on the other things and also regulate the personal market as they did in the medical market.

So these are the four states that have a strong position to legalize marijuana in their states. Now let’s see what happens and who can legalize marijuana.  

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